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Presumo is an implementation of the Java Message Service API.

Our goal is to provide an open source Message Oriented Middleware solution based on the JMS API with features not available in other JMS implementations and performance (in terms of message throughput) better, or at least equal to, proprietary solutions.

The overall design is a scalable distributed architecture with an emphasis on the Publish/Subscribe messaging paradigm and server-side content based filtering.

Latest News

Presumo mailing list started   2002-05-23 18:46 - Presumo
Feel free to post your comments, suggestions, helpful hints and snide remarks.

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Version 0.03 Released   2002-04-12 23:35 - Presumo
This maintenance release contains numerous bug fixes and a new API for embedding the Presumo JMS server within your application.
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Version 0.02 Released   2002-03-24 22:55 - Presumo
Version 0.02 contains bug fixes and implements most features of the publish/subscribe API.
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High level design available   2002-02-20 18:19 - Presumo
The first version of a high level design is now available. You can find it under "Documentation" or use this direct link:
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