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Presumo JMS version 0.04

The presumo team is currently working on establishing a solid performance and functional test suite before adding more features in order to prevent regressions in stability or performance.

Release 0.04 will be another maintenance release of any bugs found while we are establishing this baseline. It will not contain any major new features.

Presumo JMS version 0.03

Download the 0.03 release of the Presumo JMS implementation in zip or tar.gz file formats.

You may also download the snapshot of cvs used to create the release.

This release contains fixes and improvements on the second release. Presumo currently implements only the non-durable publish/subscribe JMS API. More features of the API will be added once the current implementation is more stable.

To install the server:

  1. Install JDK or JRE 1.2 or greater
  2. Unzip the precompiled distribution in a directory.
  3. Run "JmsServer.bat" in the unzipped directory.

A performance test is included with Presumo. A simple demonstration of this test can be seen by simply running "demo\pubsub.bat" from the installation directory. This default setup should provide an example of Presumo's intra-JVM throughput capabilities.

More advanced inter-JVM tests can be constructed by running a server and multiple test agents which are started with the script "pubsubclient.bat" in the demo directory. Once setup, you may start the test with pubsub.bat but with a different test setup (test1.prop is an example).

You may now easily embed the Presumo JMS server within your application. Please read the javadoc for com.presumo.jms.JmsServer for more information.

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